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These are facts about the Torreja’s life in no particular order: Torreja was born near the fish in Lima, Perú, although the fish were never really her friends. They never spoke to her or showed any interest, so she ignored them as she had heard somewhere this was the best way to deal with these sorts of situations. Since she was a child, she looked upon the fluorescent lights in her kitchen and wondered: Would she ever meet the marshmallow man? Torreja’s mom was crafty and made her a little cardboard home where Mónica would live most of her childhood years until she realized the home wasn’t real, the walls weren’t real and the T.V had limited programming. Spontaneous waterfalls would burst from her eyes every afternoon for no apparent reason. She wondered why this happened and tried to find a large bucket, but no container found in the Supermarket could contain such vast amounts of salty water. So she focused her attention elsewhere: in the killing of time and money. Drawing became the best way to avenge the evil monsters that lived under her bed (she knew they lived there, though she never really saw them.) But dim light and generally poor drawing conditions made her eyes grow weaker, and the monsters grow uglier. Torreja is still not friends with the fish, and she’s still trying to kill time and money with modest success. They are both stronger than she thought, but they are evil and they must be destroyed in the hopes of a peaceful existence, she thinks. Helping in this endeavor is her best friend Buddy and her kitty Shebe, which are committed to taking this murder to fruition and live happily ever after.

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