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Jan Juc, Australia

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Since her education took her towards first communication design, later graphic design and illustration, Tina has explored her visual ideas in the arts. Canvases, paper, pens and watercolors have been her preferred mediums, while her style has always been playful, illustrative and intuitive. From her Scandinavian background Tina finds inspiration in the simplistic, rather than the chaotic. Clear patterns and playful characters make up the universe of her art, where complex details often come together as meaningful and wholesome pieces. Her work with especially pencil and paper is peculiar and explores relatively simple motives in extreme detail. They ask for appreciation of the tremendous level of detail, while the works themselves stand as clear works of pop art that can be appreciated for the color choices and motives alone. Tina is inspired by kids and how their imagination works. For example you can draw a green line and a kid see a mermaid tail. She is wondering when we as adults lost that imagination. Her art is exploring such imagination and including her own ideas and interpretations of childhood memories.

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