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How Does It Work

1 Select from our curated global collection of artwork and design.

2 Choose from a Streched Canvas, American Apparel T-shirt, Mobile Case

3 Remix it! make it yours! Change Color, Rotation, Size, Position… add Text!

4 Flaunt it baby…Yeah! Post to FB, Instagram, Twitter… Add it to your blog!

5 Earn $ and fame when friends, fans, and frenemies buy your remixes.

A Sample Remixer Gallery

JuicyCanvas Curators+Remixers Gallery

Your Admin Dashboard
Here is where you can Follow other Curators & Remixers, be Followed, Share your remixes, Check your commissions, and View Sales and Social Analytics.

The Remix Tool
Select any remix to edit it using the super easy-to-use customizer! Change Colors, Size, Rotation, Placement + Add Text! (it’s mommy-proof )


JuicyCanvas t-shirt-customizer

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