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Hello there, my name is Sonal. I'm part designer part artist.. I love creating pretty things and I consider myself to be fortunate, because my ‘job’, such as it is, simply entails doing what I love. Being a designer gives me the window to work hands-on across different areas like print design/illustration/branding/costume jewellery design. With 5+years of working as a design professional, I am able to test my ideas, creative vision and avoid concepts that work great in theory, but break down in practice. I launched my own accessories brand 'Polkathought' in 2014, which is a tiny company as of now but the work is brilliant (see some pieces in my portfolio, let me know what you think). I love 'folk' from Textiles, jewellery to art, the character, colours, craftsmanship and the history behind the artisanal artworks. It's more closer to design by nature which is being functional yet aesthetically stunning. My inclination towards folk is not just in theory but in practice, I've worked with artisans in India for Kalamkari (Mata ni pachedi), Ajrak and indigo dyeing, Mochi bharat (stitching techniques), Ikat (single it 'Patola') and Banjara Jewellery pieces. Notable former employers/projects include Max retail India, Raymonds, Triburg Sportswear, Govt. of India Photography project, Van Heusen, Femina Magazine, Iclick India, Forever Yoga, Fioso Ferrara, Miss Hyderabad, Max Fashion Icon..... which is naice

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