Our Team

From conception to execution to promotion, it takes a village for us to get our artwork to your computer screen. Presenting some of the dreamers and music makers who work tirelessly to bring you JuicyCanvas.
DEBO Co-Founder

Artur / head chef /
CEO & Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur and seasoned ‘new-media’ warrior from Silicon Alley. This is his third startup – and he promises to get it right this time. Read more about their story here.
e: artur at juicycanvas dot com

Deb / social queen /
Co-Founder / Artist Management

Our muse of all things social has taken on a life of her own. Try pulling this Prodigious Pinner—this Frankenstein of Facebook—away from her command center, and it’s clear we’ve created a social media monster.

Feel free to drop Deb a line : deb at juicycanvas dot com

Cristian / geek /

This pretty boy programmer has been described as a sight for sore eyes, though his sites for sore eyes are what make him the invaluable leader of our tech team. With an ability to sift through code and encryption with a Neo-from-The-Matrix-like ease, Cristian’s uncanny resemblance to Keanu Reeves suggests he may really be the one.

Christie / miss thaang /
Customer Service

Underground massage parlors aside, you’ve never seen customers so adequately serviced until you’ve seen our Christie in action. She’s got eyes similar to sunrise; but, even more impressively, this somehow gets communicated through her emails and live chats with JuicyCanvas patrons.

Leslie Bocskor - JuicyCanvas Investor Relations

Maxi / geek /
Senior Dev

Literally Cristian’s underling..aka "Lil Bro".
That apple doesnt fall far from the tree. When he’s not getting his masters in Math, this ‘kid’ is runnin ‘lean.

Leslie Bocskor / teddy bear /
Director of Corporate Finance

Don’t let the bountiful brows or the fearsome facial hair fool you; Leslie is as friendly a guy as there is. But let’s keep that a secret from our financiers. With an effeminate first name that isn’t exactly intimidating through email, Leslie relies on his imposing physical stature to open the checkbooks of even the most miserly investors.

He can be reached here.

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