Our Story

Born in communist Russia, 4-year-old Artur immigrated to New York City in ’79 on a Jewish refugee visa with his single redheaded mom, no money and a dream for a better life.


Mom struggled working three jobs to put her boychik through graduate school. After grad school, Artur discovered his dad was still alive and an artist. Meeting him after a 25 year absence, he was inspired to go to Burning Man with the art camp Disorient.


He returned to NYC to throw group painting parties where artists and non-artists alike would paint, side by side, onto the same canvas. The melding of masters and hobbyists produced surprisingly fantastic pieces, and a synergy so memorable that Artur would seek a way to share it with everyone.


After bouncing to Buenos Aires to pursue his first startup for creatives, take some photos, and go wife-hunting, he met his lovely future wife and co-founder, Debora Brugiati, a journalist and founder of Bulkka, an art zine devoted to interviewing global artists.


Their shared love for street art, along with the dream to recreate the magic of those NYC art parties, slowly evolved into what they’re now proud to call JuicyCanvas — the only place on the web where the creative impulse of the novice is married with the genius of the artist.


Mishko – you taught us how to love the world in full.
That every day is a blessing.


JuicyCanvas is dedicated to you
– our beloved.



and now..for the Manifesto.

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