Everything, is now finally… customizable.

It’s remixable, mashable, and about a million other things that involve taking something original and making it original-er. Undoubtedly unique. Totally yours. Transcendent of antiquated notions of ownership, allowing you to shape the things that have traditionally shaped you.


JuicyCanvas takes an artist’s “finished” artwork and automagically unlocks it for further personalization and experimentation.


With just a few simple clicks, colors can be changed or made transparent; gradients can be added; and artwork can be rotated, resized and repositioned.


The resulting work, while always retaining its original essence, can be altered as profoundly as the user sees fit—or left untouched—and then purchased as a framed fine-art print or stretched canvas (and coming soon: t-shirts and other select art-based products).


Blasphemy in some circles? Good God, yes!


But once an artist puts his work out to the world, everyone sees and feels it differently. We just give people the tools to craft an even more personal connection with the pieces people love.

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