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Berlin, Germany

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KALEIDOSCOPING. TRIANGLEIZE. SIMPLIFY. These are the three central concepts of the artistic essence of KUBISTIKA. In this connection our design process follows strictly the etymological translation of the word Kaleidoscope, which has its roots in the greek language and means "to see beautiful forms". The transformation of motives herefore is a Clearing of reality through optical reduction and refraction of contents. And allows in this way each observer an exempt view on the essential marrow. During the designing process each image passes through several levels of kaleidoscoping. Analog and digital techniques herefore closly interact in order to free step by step the native marrow of the output subject. This process of gradually Clearing progresses differently on each image and is always guided by the idea of finding the true essence of each motive. KUBISTIKA was invented 2010 by the Berlin based Fashion Photographer Boris Draschoff. Originallly planned as a temporary and limited Art Project, in the meantime it has numerous paintings and illustrations as an creative output of this work.

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