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Santiago, Chile

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Born in Talca, and now located in Santiago de Chile, illustrator Álvaro Troncoso (29) has been dedicated to combining his two great passions: music and drawing. For Alvaro, everything that happens in front of his eyes becomes a benchmark, something worth recording even if it is only on a single sheet of paper. "I believe in the continuous flow of things -undivided- that expands or contracts as we live day by day. The art comes from that ´no place´, from the intuition" says Alvaro. Thus, the act of drawing has become spontaneous for Troncoso, a way to improvise gifts for his friends, scribbled gifts that has been sharing on Tumblr and Instagram for a long time. "Everything we see around us is the product of our own spontaneous perception, I like to see myself as a tube which passes-or-no energy as it flows in the universe and that is represented on the pulse of what I do, often on my favor, is messy and discontinuous ", reflects Alvaro. Today, Troncoso plays drums in Möreno, keeps drawing compulsively and gives part of his time to an advertising agency. His drawings are evolving at this rhythm, and at digital platform pursue a fleeting and meditative connection, like a instant mantra in a parallel dimension.

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