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Why do we often see pictures of fishermen holding up their catch? Why landscapes are often shot with a person gazing off into the distance? Why do jewels, archaeological discoveries, dinosaur bones and insects are often photographed with a ruler, a coin, or some other recognizable object?

That’s easy: it helps us to get some perspective.

English artist Slikanchu found the beauty of scale in 2006, when he embarked on the first of his street art installation campaigns: The Little People Project. His miniature figures are photographed and then left abandoned in the urban environment for people to find them.

Slikanchu’s art can be applied to arbitrary material such as an orange peel or a couple of feathers  and has its origin and its justification in the observer. The whole experience of finding one of Slikanchu’s art pieces hidden in the most unusual corner of the city incites a renewed perspective of the everyday urban experience.

Why are his miniature daily scenes so compelling? Why is it that a little guy skating on an orange peel can be so moving?

That’s easy: it helps us to get some perspective.

The artist claims his work represents the melancholy and loneliness of living in a big city, where details are often missed and little gestures easily forgotten. But at the same time it shows that there’s a whole world lying  under our eye line waiting to be discovered, and it gives people walking down the street a chance to stop and challenge their life perspective.