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In a time where everything goes so fast, where everybody wants everything right away, where communications are speeding up, it is hard not to feel lost in this blur. And there is in Valerio D’Ospina’s oil paintings a real sense of contemporary rapidity which makes us feel that we are not only contemplating his artworks, but that we are also sucked up into them. We feel as a tiny atom shot out in gray and lifeless streets, perhaps the very essence of what creates this sped-up world: the human inventions, the human world, deprived of the humans themselves. We are plunged into our everyday nature, between blurred buildings, cars and engines, of which humans, the most blurred of all, are absolutely absent. And if we must admire the perspective of the Italian painter, we cannot not but wonder, macabrely, if it is not also a kind of anthropological perspective: is modernity going against humanity?